Reveal Machine Truth and improve your efficiency

We help manufacturing companies improve their productivity through the use of Enterprise Wide Visual Management - delivered by Plantnode from Shoplogix. As the premier Value Added Reseller Neustro are able to deliver the Plantnode solution which gives real -time insight to manufacturing performance and productivity improvement. Plantnode delivers 'Machine Truth' and provides feedback across the business through; 
• An LED display over the production machine giving operators feedback in real-time.
• A web based interface giving highly visual insight to production performance for use by supervisors and managers.
• Web based reporting displaying key metrics in real time through an executive dashboard - at machine, department, plant and enterprise level - accessible from anywhere in the world.
Our implementation services and expertise with Plantnode, allied to our knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, OEE, CI and World Class with our real world manufacturing experience means that we can rapidly deliver performance insights and improvements within days.

Measure your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Variances, Meantime between failure (MTBF), Mean tiem to repair (MTTR), Labour Analysis, Energy Consumption and other key metrics in real-time as part of your World Class and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Employee Engagement

Move from a daily review of performance to real-time feedback via our LED display - show actual rate against job or machine rate, current OEE, shift uptime - any metric that motivates and involves your operators...





Super-Vision for Supervisors

Let your supervisors see what is happening right now - the trend for the week, the shift, the hour. Real-time pareto analysis of downtime, slow running and events that impact on your performance.





performance management for managers

Managing performance across multiple machines and departments needs vision - vision that gives insights to machine, department and factory trends. Roll up reporting means managers can concentrate on the areas that are effecting your profitability.

CEO's see everything (CFO's and COO's too)

Seeing performance across the enterprise in a highly visual dashboard - covering current status and  trends means you can identify at a country, business unit, factory or line level where you are losing efficiency. Compare metrics across your enterprise and bring the best to all.